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Type of business: Private
Type of site: Social network service, microblogging, ecommerce
Available in: Multilingual
Headquarters: New York City, United States
Area served: Worldwide
Owner: Joseph Einhorn
Founder(s): Joseph Einhorn
Key people: Joseph Einhorn (CEO), Jack Einhorn (President), Paul Hsu (Chief Operating Officer), Francois-Henri Pinault (Board Member), Chris Hughes (Board Member), LeRoy Kim (Board Member), Jack Dorsey (Board Member), Jim Pallotta (Board Member)⁽¹⁾
Industry: Internet, Ecommerce, Consumer Goods
Products: Men's, Women's, Kids, Pets, Home, Gadgets, Art, Food, Media, Architecture, Sports, Travel destinations, DIY, Workspace, Cars, Other⁽²⁾
Employees: 1-10 (2013)⁽³⁾
Alexa rank: 10,709 (October 2016)⁽⁴⁾
Registration: Required to post, follow, or be followed
Users: 2 million (October 2012)⁽⁵⁾
Launched: 2009⁽³⁾
Current status: Active

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