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Native name: Mercado Libre (Spanish), Mercado Livre (Portuguese)
Type: Public
Traded as: NASDAQ: MELI, NASDAQ-100 component
Industry: E-commerce
Founded: August 2, 1999; 19 years ago⁽¹⁾
Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Area served: 18 countries
Key people: Marcos Galperin (Chairman, President & Chief executive officer), Pedro Arnt (Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer), Stelleo Tolda (Vice president& Chief operating officer), Osvaldo Giménez (Vice president-Payments), Daniel Rabinovich (Senior Vice president and Chief technology officer), Marcelo Melamud (Vice president and Chief Accounting Officer)
Services: Online marketplace and E-commerce payment system
Revenue: US$844.4 million (2016)⁽²⁾
Net income: US$136.4 million (2016)⁽³⁾
Number of employees: 4,000 (2016)⁽⁴⁾

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